the benefits

of sanitizing hatching eggs

Your solution for egg sanitation.

Through extensive laboratory research and field trial testing, many benefits have been seen by sanitizing hatching eggs with our process:

  • Increased hatchability
  • Improved chick quality at hatch
  • Decreased 7-day chick mortality, particularly with older breeder flocks

Substantially increased hatchability, improved chick quality at hatch and decreased 7-day mortality have been documented in many trials, particularly with older breeder flocks (over 50 weeks of age).  Because
eggs from younger breeder flocks tend to have lower amounts of microbial contamination and better shell quality, fewer differences in production parameters have been observed with eggs from younger breeder flocks. 

One very important benefit that is impossible to measure under research conditions is the possible improvement in overall hatchery sanitation due to a decreased microbial load entering the hatchery environment on the eggs.  Another benefit would be the decreased risk of pathogen transfer among eggs and hatchlings in the hatchery.