the process works

Your solution for egg sanitation.

Eggs pass through a spray chamber where they are lightly misted with a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide. Next, the eggs pass through a UV light chamber.

As the UV light interacts with the hydrogen peroxide on the shell surface, the hydrogen peroxide molecule is split and hydroxyl radicals are generated. These hydroxyls are highly reactive and instantly react with any organic material, including the cell membranes of microorganisms. This reaction results in disruption to the cellular structure of the microorganisms causing them to become inactive. Because this process is nearly instantaneous, the amount of contact time is not a concern and the process can be automated for rapid egg treatment.

In addition, the process is a physical destruction of the microorganisms, so development of resistance by microorganisms is not possible. Since the hydrogen peroxide is consumed in the process, there are no chemical residues left on the egg or any toxic chemicals to be disposed.