Design of customized equipment to allow the egg sanitization process to be implemented anywhere in the egg handling process is available. Through consultation with the customer, we will design, manufacture and install equipment to meet the specific needs of the operation.

innovative Poultry Solutions Egg Sanitizer



Your solution for egg sanitation.

Our egg sanitization process employs a combination of hydrogen peroxide spray and ultraviolet (UV) light exposure to eliminate all types of microorganisms found on eggshells.  Through years of research and development, the parameters to implement this technology in a rapid and safe manner in the poultry production environment have been optimized.  Our standard egg sanitization machine has been designed to be used in the egg collection area of a breeder house so that eggs can be treated as close to the hen as possible. The machines can also be used at the hatchery.

Standard features include:

  • automated controls
  • automated hydrogen peroxide handling
  • in-line spray heater
  • stainless steel construction
  • heavy duty casters